Special events in Biarritz

Among the main events that take place in Biarritz, the Bayonne festivities are, without a doubt, the best known and most frequented in the region. But the capital of the Basque Country also hosts much more unique events. Whether you are a traveller or a resident, the hotel residence Le Grand Large of the Vacances Bleues group has selected for you original and fun events to do or see with your family.


The Ham fair, a five hundred years old festival !

There is no stop in Biarritz without a visit to the historic Bayonne Ham Fair! Only a short 15-minute drive away, the whole history of the Basque Country and its gastronomy is open to visitors. Every year in the spring since 1462, hundreds of exhibitors from all over the region come to share their passions for pigs and good food. It is in a festive and ancestral atmosphere that the competition for the best ham takes place. Bayonne then became, for 4 days, the world capital of delicatessen! But this fair, above all a gourmet one, is also animated by age-old activities.


Between traditions and treats, the Bayonne Ham Fair has attracted more than 200,000 visitors every year since 1462.

At the corner of a stand, you can meet choir members who sing traditional Basque songs while a ball game that is played to a full house. But the celebration wouldn’t be the celebration without the big evening tables that gather thousands of people side by side around the tasting of a grilled suckling pig. The most traditionalists will marvel at the costumes during the parade of brotherhoods, while the most pious will attend Sunday mass celebrated in St. Mary’s Cathedral. Every year, the event attracts thousands of visitors who come to fill their bellies with local products but also their hearts, with the warmth that Basques know how to give so well !

Programme of the 2019 Bayonne Ham Fair available here: http://www.bayonne-paysbasque.com/route_gourmande/foire_jambon_bayonne.php


Vinyl vintage show

salon vinyl vintage biarritzInitiated by the founder of the Biarritz record show, the “Vinyl & Vintage” show, which takes place every year in Anglet (10 minutes from Biarritz), has become in a few editions a major event of its kind. At the same time a meeting place for musicians and music lovers, we also meet a number of collectors who have come to find the rare pearl. To the sound of Rockabilly, the aisles bring together record shops (amateur or professional) but also sellers of objects, clothing or vintage accessories.

“ A demonstration full of nostalgia but by no means old ! “
Gilbert, fair visitor, 55 years old

A true immersion into the heart of the 1950s, it is a fragrance of nostalgia and joyfulness of life that floats in the aisles. Some editions also gave rise to vintage car exhibitions, concerts but also “oxen” between musicians/visitors who came to enjoy themselves on the open stage of the show.

More information will soon be available on : https://www.anglet-tourisme.com/index.php


The race of the illuminated ones

course illuminee - biarritz

In the cold of December and a few days before the New Year, a strange colorful farandole brings life to the city of Biarritz. At nightfall and from the promenade of the big beach, it is a huge crowd dressed in shirts more flashy than each other who come running in joy and good mood. Here no stopwatch or performance, we come to share a fun and family moment. Halfway through the race, the event is open to everyone, whatever the level.

“ My children and I love to be part of this race. People are happy to live this festive moment in joy and light, it’s just awesome ! “
Lucie, mother of 2 children

In the lines, we meet both regular runners and children accompanied by their grandparents. In an electric and energized atmosphere, everyone is invited to enjoy an extraordinary sporting experience. Luminescent glasses, bracelets and necklaces are offered to each participant. In true communion with the spectators and the buildings illuminated for the occasion, the procession also creates, throughout the journey, universes, sounds and lights, magical and timeless.

Race of the illuminated ones on the 29th of December 2018 from 18H30.

More information will soon be available on : https://www.biarritz-evenement.fr/les-illumines/